X2 Automatic Car Wash System

Key Features

  • Extra Wide Washable Width
  • Stainless Steel Front Facia
  • Attractive LED Display
  • Pneumatic Tilting Brushes
  • Belt System for Vertical Brushes
  • Precision Brush Control with Power and Current Monitoring
  • Ultra Low profile. Just 10mm from the floor surface.
  • Advanced Wheel Wash Slider System
  • Snow Foam System


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Standard Features

  • Trolley made of Laser cut, precision Galvanised Steel
  • Floor Mounted Trolley
  • Structure Body painted with High Gloss Automotive Paint
  • Stainless Steel Facia
  • Energy Chain System
  • Space Saving Trolley Design
  • Semi-Assembled System for quick installation
  • Throughput of 9-12 cars per hour
  • PLC Controlled Automatic System
  • Vehicle Positioning System
  • Very sensitive Control system for safety of the vehicle
  • VFD Controlled Trolley Drive
  • VFD Controlled Horizontal Brush and Contour Following Blowers
  • Power and Current Sensing Vertical and Roof Brushes
  • High Penetration IP67 Sensors
  • Upto 12 Wash Programs
  • Touch Screen Operating Panel
  • Onboard Control Panel
  • Manual Mode for snag diagnostics included
  • Pickup program for washing pickups
  • Contour Following Top and Vertical Brushes
  • Rust Free PPE Nozzles
  • Rust Free PPE Piping
  • Inbuilt Snow Foam System
  • Wheel Wash System system with advanced slider system
  • High Quality PE bristle Brushes ( Default Option )
  • Chemical Dosing Pumps (Supports most car wash chemicals)
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy to Understand and Maintain
  • Standard parts and components used (available anywhere in the world)





Equipment Photos

Equipment Videos

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