High Pressure Water Cleaners and Basic Equipment

  • What is a High pressure water cleaner?
    A basic high pressure cleaner consists of a pump driven either by an electric motor or oil engine or any prime mover. The water can then be heated either by fuel oil, gas or electric heaters. The pump pressurizes the water to a high pressure thus increasing the pressure energy in the water. The nozzles at the exit converts the pressure energy into Kinetic energy i.e. high velocity - rather like pinching the end of a garden hose.

  • So I presume the more pressure the better?
    No. Generally high pressure cleaners work at around 5 to 150 Bar but the discharge or volume of water is just also important. Today's machines use around 8 to 200 Litres per minute - too little volume and the cleaning effect (calculated in kW) is simply reduced. Specialist machines of up to 20,000psi are also available.

  • So what sort of machine do I need?
    High pressure cleaners can be approximately split into four main groups;

    Cold water high pressure cleaners
    Cold water cleaners can be generally adjusted from high to low pressure and detergents introduced by an injector at around 1 to 5%. Cold water cleaners are usually used in agriculture, automotive, building or construction when soiling can be removed by cold water alone. Fats, grease and oils are usually cleaned by hot water.

    Hot water high pressure cleaners
    A hot water cleaner works basically the same as a cold except the water is heated to up to 100° C in a boiler after it is pumped. The pressure and flow is relatively the same as a cold machine. Although some machines do have a steam stage - the term "steam cleaner" is not strictly true.

    Stationary and ring main high pressure cleaners
    Stationary or static installations are used where regular cleaning takes place, and the adjustments can be pre-set. A static system also reduces the amounts of trailing cables and hoses, while eliminating abuse by non authorised operators. More than one pump can also be built into the system providing a cleaner for more than one user.

    Specialist equipment
    Including foaming equipment, brushes, sandblasters, floor cleaners, assorted lances and other accessories that can usually be added to any of the above types of equipment.

    "Choosing the right equipment results in faster, cleaner efficient results to satisfy any cleaning requirements."

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