Industrial Parts Cleaning Machines

KKE has expertise in developing equipment with washing and cleaning. KKE has for so many years developed customised washing / cleaning equipment apart for the Vehicle Wash Industry. The various industries are :

  • Foundry ( Cleaning of Pipes before painting )
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning using Oxalyic Acid
  • Kerosene Rigs
  • Dust removal system before painting using Ostrich Feathers
  • Trolley Cleaning

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Shower Booths

Leakage testing booths for Car Manufacturers

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Ancillary Products

Steam cleaner have extensive usage in cleaning car’s interior and exterior, two-wheelers, industrial machineries and food industries. It can be also used in house hold cleaning purposes such as kitchen, garage, etc.

Vehicle Wash Cleaners and Shampoos

Easy to Dose , Neutral Shampoo for Automatic Vehicle Washes


Basic Water Recycling System

W100 Plus

Automatic water recycling system
Vehicle Wash Business Guide