KKE 103 : Automatic Advanced Bike Wash Equipment

Key Features

  • Galvanised Sheet Structure for Rust Protection
  • Engine De - greaser Spray
  • Soap Spray
  • Wax Spray
  • Under Body Wash
  • PLC Controlled system
  • Saves time & labour


This is the latest two wheeler wash equipment from KKE. It is also the most advanced in the two wheeler wash segment. It greatly reduces the manual effort required.
The vehicle is placed in the wash bay and parked either on centre or side stand. The trolley moves on the rails by direct inline drive system
It sprays water over the vehicle to wet the dirt. The trolley reaches the end and sprays De-greaser / Soap on the vehicle. The chemical is allowed to react to the dirt for preset time delay. This delay is adjustable on the PLC screen.
The high pressure pump sprays water on the vehicle to remove the de greaser / soap from the vehicle. Wax is sprayed on the vehicle if Wax equipment is installed during return pass.

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Technical Data


  • Length : 2.3 m
  • Width   : 0.81 m
  • Height  : 1.2 m

  • Length : 3.5 m
  • Width   : 3 m
  • Height  : 2.1 m


  • 230 VAC, 1 Phase 50 Hz
  • 415 VAC, 3 Phase 50 Hz
(Please mention voltage at the time of placing the order)
  • Can also run on Backup Generator System

  • 100 - 150 liter / vehicle



Target Groups

  • Individual Investors
  • Tyre Shops
  • Small - Medium Service Stations
  • Authorised Two Wheeler Dealerships


United States of America

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