Car Wash Terms And Jargons - Q-R

Recycling System
Equipment which takes the waste water and removes dirt from the water. The effectiveness of the filter depends upon the media which is being used to filter water. Sand based multi media filters are common.

Reverse Osmosis:
The removal of organic and suspended impurities from water by the use of one or more semi-permeable membranes.

Rinse Aid:
Wax-like chemical applied to the vehicle surface after the final rinse for easier water removal during the drying process.

Rocker Panel:
Portion of a vehicle's side that is below a straight line between the tops of both tires.

Roll Bar Assembly:
Rotating device that spans the correlator and directs a vehicle's tires onto the wash conveyor.

Carwash conveyor operational feature that moves a pusher into working position on the conveyor track to move a car through the carwash.

Rollover Wash:
The type of wash where the customer drives into position and sits stationary while the equipment moves over and around the car.

Rust Inhibitor:
A chemical applicator for the under side of the vehicle in the wash process that inhibits rust formation.

Rear Wheel Push

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