Truck Wash Side Wheel Blasters


Truck Wash Side blasters are fitted on the Roll Over trolley of Truck Wash Equipment. The Side Blasters can be fitted on both Brush or Touchless Type Truck Wash Machine.

The medium pressure high volume pump for the Truck Wash Side Blasters gives enough impact for cleaning of the Road Grime and Salt deposits.

The Nozzle bank is made up of Stainless Steel. The nozzles are CNC precision drilled nozzles for greatest impact force.

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Technical Data

  • Nozzles : Stainless Steel 304
  • Nozzles Bank : Stainless Steel 304



Target Groups

  • Medium - Light Duty De mudding
  • Road Film Removal
  • Fleet Trucks
  • Poultry Trucks


Hong Kong

Equipment Videos

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Truck Wash
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