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KKE has been in the Automatic Car Wash Equipment manufcaturing since 1993. It has more than 25 years of experience of the car wash industry along with extensive Research and development in the Car Wash Business. Anything new in the Industry, you bet, KKE shall be already having it in its product line.

In Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machines, the machines can be categorised as below :

Car Wash Machine Selection India

Friction / Brush Systems

High-Pressure / Touchless Systems

Car Wash Equipment Selection

If you are new to the car wash industry it would perplex you as which equipment is the right one for you. Car Wash Machine Selection is based on the following factors :

  • Expected / Existing Traffic
  • Types of Cars expected
  • Customers Likings (Friction / Touchless)
  • Type of Dirt on the Cars
  • Space available

These are some of the factors that would determine the type of equipment to be selected. We at KKE, help you, finalise on the Right Car Wash Equipment, pulling in data from our 25+ years of Global Data resources.

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SpeedoClean : Automatic Car Wash Machine

KKE Speedoclean Automatic Car Wash Machine Car Washer
SpeedoClean is the latest Entry Level segment Automatic Car Wash Machine. The Car Wash Machine comes with 3 Brushes with Power sensing Roof Brush and Two Vertical Brushes. The basic systems comes with Prewash, Rinse, Soap and Brushing Cycles. The system comes with 3 Wash Programs which enables you to set different pricing levels based on the wash program.

The Wave - Touchless Car Wash

High Pressure Touchless Inbay Automatic

X1.1 Automatic Car Wash Machine

Automatic Car Wash Machine
X1.1 is a first in the X Series Automatic Car Wash Machines. This is a Friction type system and comes with 3 Brushes, each sening the car individually. X1.1 Automatic Car Wash Machine has very attractive looks and helps customers come to your car wash time and again. X1.1 is payment Gateway ready and can be integrated directly. The system can be upgraded with Lava Foam, Wheel Wash System, Triple foam Wax, Contour Following Blowers etc. 

Type : Brush System

X2 - Automatic Car Wash Machine

X2 Automatic Car Wash Machine - Advanced
X2 is an Advanced Automatic Car Wash Machine with many advanced features in built into it. The system comes with 3 brushes with individual Brush Pressure Sensing. With the two Wheel Brushes fitted already, the system becomes a 5 Brush system. The Front Facia with LEDs helps in attracting the customers. The System can be upgraded with Lava Foam, Sealer Wax, Triple foam wax, Bug Spray, Mirror Spray System etc.

Type : Brush System

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