DR110 Steam Cleaner

Key Features

  • 10 liters Boiler Capacity
  • Smart Control System
  • Micro Processor Based
  • Compact
  • Attractive Stainless Steel Body
  • Mobile - Can be moved easily
  • Light Weight


The Car Steam Cleaner is a portable cleaning system, 8” wheels makes it easy to move. Steam cleaner have extensive usage in cleaning car’s interior and exterior, two-wheelers, industrial machineries and food industries. It can be also used in house hold cleaning purposes such as kitchen, garage, etc. Steam cleaner is able to remove dirt and mud from surface it is used on.

Car steam cleaner has covering of stainless steel which is non-corrosive in nature. Steam cleaner releases steam at 10 bar pressure. It takes 12-15 min for steam generation and it is controlled by microprocessor. It consumes minimum quantity of water for any cleaning purpose (Only 2-3 liters is used to clean one car).  Also it requires less time to clean (One car can be cleaned in 10-15 min).

Heater size of steam cleaner is of 5kW and capacity of water tank is 10Ltr. Steam cleaner is available in both single phase 220VAC (~ 20 Amps) and 3 phase 415 VAC variants. It has LCD to show steam generation information and LEDs to indicate status related to heater, steam generation and water level. Size of steam generator is 10 Ltr (2.64 gal).


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Standard Features

  • Stainless Steel Covering
  • Stainless Steel Boiler
  • Portable Configuration
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Large Steam Capacity
  • LED Display for Indication

Equipment Photos

Technical Data

Voltage230 / 208, 415 V AC
Phase1 Phase / 3 Phase
Frequency50 - 60 Hz
GeneratorCan also run on Backup Generator System
Connected Load5.2 kW


Target Groups

  • Detailing centers
  • Mobile Car / Vehicle Cleaning Services
  • Car Parking Area Services
  • Authorised Service Centers
  • Places with water scarcity


Frequently Asked Questions

KKE DR100 Series Steam Cleaners are very attractively priced. Please contact us for getting a quote. Also there are volume discounts if you wish to have multiple units for your car wash or car detailing station.

KKE DR110 is a trolley based Portable equipment that does not require any kind of installation and can be moved whenever and wherever needed. The DR110 is very compact. The dimensions are 46 cm ( 18”) x 38 cm ( 15” ) x 94 cm ( 37” ).

DR110 is available in following input power standards :

  • 220 V AC supply for 1 Phase
  • 208 V AC supply for 3 Phase
  • 415 V AC supply for 3 Phase

You would require one of the above power supplies along with water supply for filling the inbuilt water tank.

No, you can also use clean tap water for the Steam Cleaner.

The amount of water used depends on the following factors:

  • Size of the Car
  • Dirt present on the Car

For estimation purposes, you can safely assume that about 2 - 3 liters of water is required for cleaning a car.

The amount of time required depends upon various factors:

  • Size of the Car
  • Dirt present on the Car
  • Speed of the Person

For estimation purposes, you can safely assume that about 15 - 30 minutes is required to clean one car.

Yes. The equipment can be effectively used for both Interior as well as Exterior cleaning. In fact Steam is a very good option for cleaning the interiors:

  • Consumes 100% less water compared to the traditional car wash. No Dripping hence no wastewater drainage issue.
  • Effective in Upholstery Cleaning. Loosens and removes grease and stains thus reducing cleaning time.

You can consider any of the following businesses or many other businesses to start along with Steam Car Wash Business.

  • Body Polishing / Ceramic Coating
  • Car Detailing
  • Wheel Alignment / Balancing

The power consumption for one car wash depends on the time required for cleaning the car. If we consider that the time required for cleaning one car is approximately 20 minutes and the system is operational for 15 minutes then the power consumption for the same would be 1.3 kWh (Units).

Yes, we train them for the Operation of the equipment as well as for regular Maintenance Procedures and snag rectification.

Yes, KKE DR100 Series Steam Cleaners are very compact and portable systems. It consumes 100% less water compared to the traditional car wash so there is no dripping hence no wastewater drainage issue.

KKE DR110 weighs approximately 55 Kilograms.

KKE DR100 Series Steam Cleaners are trolley based equipment that allows you to move the equipment easily from one place to another without any effort.

KKE DR110 weighs approximately 55 Kilograms.

Yes, Since the equipment is very compact it can be carried in a Van easily and can be used in a mobile Car Wash Business with the help of a small Diesel / Petrol Generator with minimum Power rating of 5.5 kVA.

Yes, KKE DR100 Series Steam Cleaner can be run on a Generator with minimum Power rating of 5.5 kVA.

The suggested model for the same is Honda EU70is Inverter Generator. Though there are many other Generator models available in the market from which you can select as per your preference.

Generally, it takes 7 to 10 minutes for the first usable steam to be generated.

The usable steam of KKE DR100 Series Steam Cleaner is above 4 bar. Once the pressure reaches 4 bar, the user can start using the Steam for cleaning the surface.

Dry steam has a temperature of saturation. It has a very high dryness fraction and does not contain water particles.

Wet steam is a mixture of steam and liquid water which contains droplets of water that has not changed its phase.

Wet steam is a much faster option for cleaning a surface easily and effectively. The sheer volume of water coming out of a wet steam cleaner with suitable pressure is highly effective in breaking the mechanical bonds that dirt or oils have to a surface. Next, the heat further releases dirt, grime, and greases by breaking down their chemical bonds via a combination of heat and liquid water.

No, you can refill the water directly without turning the system off.

Yes, the KKE DR100 Series Steam Cleaners have Pressure Switch which allows you to reduce the maximum pressure of the Steam simply by adjusting the knob on the Pressure Switch.

The KKE DR100 Steam Cleaner boilers are made up of High-grade Stainless Steel (SS304) material. SS304 is a heat-resisting and low alloyed steel which can withstand the load at high pressure and temperature.

No, the equipment is completely electric powered and does not use any fuel for the steam generation process which causes no fumes during the operation and hence can also be used in a closed area as well as in the food industries without any worries.

Yes, KKE DR100 Series Steam Cleaners are microprocessor controlled which automatically turns the heater off once the desired temperature and pressure achieved. Additionally, the system has all the required safety devices which ensure the safety of the components.


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