Car Wash Profitability Calculator Ireland

Fill the details below to get an estimated return on investment. Accounting standards differ from country to country. This tool is just to give you an idea of the returns you can expect out of your investment in vehicle wash facility investment. This statement cannot be used directly for financing purposes and you need to consult a financial advisor while applying to any financial institution.

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This tool is independent of currency

Initial Investment
Cost of Equipment
Cost of Land
Building and Construction Cost
Initial Expenses
Number of working days in an year
Daily Working hours
Number of Vehicles washed per hour (Max. Capacity)
Inflation Rate
Rate of Interest (Cost of Capital)
Rate of Depriciation
Number of Workers at bay
Monthly Wages of One Worker (Average if more than one worker)

Washing Charges / vehicle
(Average of various wash cycles )

Land Rental or any other maintenance Charges per month

Electricity Rate / kWhr
Water Rate / Kilo Litre (1000 Litres )
Consumables (Soap , wax, etc) Approx USD 0.50
Currency Symbol
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