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Ever since the KKE 300XT has been launched, we have been flooded with questions whether one should buy a KKE 300XT for washing smaller buses , if it is the only kind of buses one is going to wash.

The answer is simple, KKE 300XT is an extended version of a car wash equipment, which means that if 75% of your business is going to be cars , and you want to enchance the business by increasing your scope of a bit bigger vehicles like mini-buses, KKE 300XT is the right solution. If however, buses are the only vehicles you plan to wash, then KKE 400 series bus wash system is what one should opt for.

KKE provides excellent range in bus wash systems in KKE 400 series bus wash systems :

Trolley Systems
- KKE 402 HP: High Pressure Bus wash system
- KKE 402 3B: 3 Brush Bus wash system
- KKE 403 : Entry Segment Bus wash system

Drive Through System
- KKE 501 Bus wash system

In addition to this, KKE has now also developed a special bus washing equipment for washing airport buses like COBUS. The bus wash equipment has increased width to cater to the wide body buses.



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