ICMO 1010 : Under Chassis Washing Trolley

Key Features

  • Stainlesss Steel 304 trolley
  • Adjustable length
  • Rugged control system
  • Detergent Dosing System 


ICMO 1010 is a Under Chassis Washing Trolley build with High Grade Stainless Steel 304. This protects the trolley from corrosion and enhances the life of equipment. Under chassis wash is effective to remove dirt and mud from bottom body of vehicles. Vehicle can be a Car or a Truck.

ICMO perform Autometic operations with two mode control system which reduces the use of water and gives excellent cleaning.ICMO is driven by a maintenance free gearbox situated in a non-corrosive stainless steel trolly. The prime feature of ICMO is adjustable length and effective cleaning. 


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Technical Data



Target Groups


India - भारत

Equipment Photos

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