Steam Cleaners for Car Cleaning

KKE Wash Systems presents Advamced Steam Cleaners. Steam cleaners are good for detailing business of cars and bikes. These equipment are a good add on for Automatic Car Wash Business.

KKE Steam Cleaners have multi stage boilers with Patent Pending Technology. The steam cleaner is energy saving and has lesser start times as compared to a standard boiler design. Usable steam pressure starts from 5 bar upto 10 bar.

Steam Cleaner Temperature v/s pressure graph

Steam Cleaners can be used for :

  1. Exterior Cleaning
  2. Interior Upholstery Cleaning
  3. Interior Cleaning of Dashboard
  4. Wheel Cleaning
  5. Engine Cleaning

DR100 Series Steam cleaners use very little water can you can normally complete one car in just 3 -5 liters not a drop falls on the floor. For this reason, Steam Cleaning has become very popular business in the Shaopping Mall Parkings.

DR100 Steam Cleaners are portable and can moved near the car. The smallest steam cleaner has 10 L boiler and can go as high as 10 bar pressure.


DR110 - Car Steam Cleaner

KKE DR110 is the first in series of the DR100 Steam Cleaners. The DR110 Car Steam Cleaner has a boiler of  10 Liters capacity which enables you to work confidently as you are always sure that you would always have a continuous source of Steam. The Heater size is 5 kW and is Electric Type.

DR112 - Car Steam Cleaner

DR112 Steam Cleaner has a boiler capacity of 15 liters and has 2 outlets which enables 2 people to work simultaneously. This Electric Steam Cleaner has 12 kW heaters has a max pressure of 10 bar (140 psi). DR112 Steam Cleaner does not have to be stopped to top up the water. The Microcontroller senses the water level in the boiler and starts filling the water automatically.

DR118 Eco Steam Car Wash Machine

DR118 Eco Steam Car Wash Machine is a high efficiency Steam Cleaner with 21 liters of Boiler capacity. The system comes with 18 kW heaters which enable dual output for two people to work simultaneously. Like all DR100 Steam Car Wash Cleaners, the  system is controlled by a Microcontroller which makes the operation safe and precise. The system has inbuilt water tank to store water inaddition to the boiler capacity.

Did not find the right model?

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