KKE, being the pioneer in Bike Wash Machines has thorough experience in Touchless Cleaning. As a matter of fact, cleaning Two wheelers / Bikes is more difficult than washing cars hence it requires quite a lot of Research and Development to bring out the right bike wash machine for you.

KKE Bike Wash machines come with two step soap application which is the key to washing bikes. Step 1 removes the Silica dirt while Step 2 removes the oil and grease.

The attractive optional coverings gives the Automatic Bike Wash Equipment a very apealling look which helps attract customers. Being in Washing Business means, one needs to be conciousabout water usage. KKE Bike Wash Machine comes with Optional Water Recycling system which does not occupy any floor space and also does not require any civil construction.

KKE 102 : Overhead Gantry System

Bike Wash with Attractive Enclosure High performance state of the art High Pressure Automatic Bike Wash System.

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