Cleaning Equipment for Airports

Airports have a different cleaning requirement. Airports have a large fleet of vehicles moving around and also each of them has a different shape and size. To add to that, there is always a space constraint for washing equipment of each type to be fitted.

KKE Wash Systems has products specifically which cater to the cleaning of vehicles in the Airports. Contact Us if you have a special requirement and do not find any product which matches your requirement. Our research team definitely create something for you.


KKE 403

Economical Hinged Brush System. Optional Roof Brush.

KKE 501

Drive Through Truck Wash Equipment Drive Through System for Fleets, High Pressure, Brush , Combination System

KKE 503

High Pressure Truck Wash Equipment

KKE 504

Brush Truck Wash Equipment. Optional Skirt Brushes and Tanker Brushes.

KKE Gamma

Conveyor / Tunnel Car Wash Equipment

KKE Gamma 12 m

Car Wash Conveyor 12m 12m Conveyor to wash approximately 20 - 30 cars per hour

KKE Gamma 18 m

Conveyor Car Wash 18m Brush Type 18 m Conveyor to wash approximately 30 - 60 cars per hour

KKE Gamma 30 m

Conveyor Car Wash Equipment 30m 18m Conveyor to wash approximately 50 - 90 cars per hour

KKE Power 200 Bar

High Pressure Pump 200 bar -21 lpm

KKE SpeedoClean - Entry Level

KKE Speedoclean Automatic Car Wash Machine Car Washer
SpeedoClean is the latest budget segment machine with features present in the higher end machines.


KKE Speedoclean Automatic Car Wash Machine Car Washer Basic Water Recycling System

Did not find the right model?

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