Bus Service Depots Cleaning Equipment

KKE Wash Systems has special equipment for meeting the demands at Bus Service Depots. The bus service stations have cleaning as a major function as the bus need to clean before the next shift.

KKE Wash Systems has a range of washing equipment for buses based on teh throughput required by you ( buses washed per hour).

  • Trolley Type Bus Wash Equipment
  • Drive Through Type Bus Wash Equipment
  • Water Recycling System for Bus Wash Station
  • Bus Tire Wash Equipment
  • Bus Under Chassis Wash Equipment
  • Bio Degradable Exterior Bus Cleaning Chemicals
  • Bio Degradable Bus Interior Cleaning Chemicals

KKE 403

Economical Hinged Brush System. Optional Roof Brush.

KKE 501

Drive Through Truck Wash Equipment Drive Through System for Fleets, High Pressure, Brush , Combination System

KKE 503

High Pressure Truck Wash Equipment

KKE 504

Brush Truck Wash Equipment. Optional Skirt Brushes and Tanker Brushes.

KKE Gamma

Conveyor / Tunnel Car Wash Equipment

KKE Power 200 Bar

High Pressure Pump 200 bar -21 lpm

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