Automatic Truck Wash Machine

KKE has one of the widest range of of Automatic Truck Wash Machines , Automatic Bus Wash Machines. The Automatic Truck Wash Machine selection depends upon the type of vehicle being washed.

KKE has Brush as well as High Pressure Automatic Truck Wash Machine. Following are the models in Truck Wash Machine.

  • KKE 403 : 2 / 3 Brush Truck / Bus Wash Trolley
  • KKE 504 : 3/5/7 brush Truck Wash Trolley
  • KKE 503 : High Pressure Truck Wash Machine
  • KKE 501 is a Drive through Automatic Truck Wash Machine

In addition to these, KKE also specialised in Mining Truck Wash Systems and Tire Wheel Cleaning Systems



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