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Mining Equipment Cleaning Systems, Demucker, Tire Wash Systems, Wheel Wash Systems

Equipment maintenence is a very important part of the Mining Industry. The equipment are subject to harsh conditions and the slush and mining mud might be acidic or alkaline which increases the rate of detoritaionof the equipment not taken care properly.

KKE Wash Systems has the knowhow and the expertise to provide solutions for Vehicle and Equipment Cleaning in the Mining Industry. Each and every mine is different and has different needs, even for the same ore. Even though the ore might be similar the top strata changes. A lot of times, it is not the ore which dirties the truck, but it the strata which clings to surface of the vehicle due to underground water.

At KKE Wash Systems, we analyse the conditions at clients place  before suggesting the equipment to the client.

KKE has a large Gamut of Cleaning products, but following the are the products which are desigend for the Mining Industry.


1. Tire Cleaning Systems

Tire Wash Systems or the Wheel wash systems are used to clean the tires of the Trucks before leaving the premises or entering a  particular premises . Tire Wash Systems are typically installed at the exit of the mines or a Ore Processing center so that the dirty tyre do not take the dirt on the road. One truck may not do much damage but when there are about 1000 trucks moving out in a day, it causes a lot of pollution. For this reason, Tire wash systems are made mandatory in most of the country.

KKE has tire wash systems to suite very application in Mining Industry. We have portable and permanent Wheel Wash Systems. We also have dirt trap systems to reuse the water and extract the dirt falling off the wheels of the trucks.


2. Mining Equipment Drive Thorugh Cleaning Systems

Mining Haul Trucks are heavy, tall and wide; difficult to clean. We have see lumps as big as 1 feet in the size sticking to the equipment. KKE Wash Systems has expertise in mining equipment systems which are built to handle high volumes of water to effectively clean the Haul Trucks and mining Equipment. These systems are customised based on the fleet size. Please contact us for more details.


3. Automatic Truck Wash Systems

If you have a requirement of cleaning the Road Plying trucks, we have Roll over systems and Drive Through systems. KKE 503 is a rollover High Pressure Truck Wash System , while KKE 501 is a Drive through Truck Wash System. The arches of KKE 501 can be increased to incorporate higher number of trucks per hour if required.


4. Manual High Pressure Systems

Along with expertise in Automation, KKE also manufactures high pressure cleaners of various capacities. KKE Power 200 is one of the best high pressure cleaners with 200 bar pressure for better cleaning and higher cleaning power. These pumps are used for detailed cleaning of the engine area, hydraulic areas before maintenance. It is recommended to do a detailed cleaning atleastonce in 15 days using KKE Power. These pumps come in Skid Mounted and Portable versions.


5. Fogging Systems

KKE also manufcatures Fogging Systems for dust control. The fogging systems are available for 25 (80 ft), 50 (160ft), 75 (240ft), 100m (320 ft) ranges. The fogging systems are available in Trolley type, Truck Mounted and Standalone systems.



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