DR100 Steam Cleaner

DR100 Steam Cleaner is the latest offering in the steam cleaner segment. The equipment is very rugged and easy to use. The equipment uses latest in embedded technology and has an information display screen as well. The Steam cleaner goes as high as 10 bar (140 psi) and makes it very easy to clean vehicles which are even very dirty. The 10 liter (2.6 Gal US) tank ensures that it has enough steam to supply everytime you start using it. The special patented technology in the boiler design helps in faster steam production time.

Steam is the new way of washing the vehicles, specially where the washing method has to be portable and should consume less water. A typical car can be washed in about 1 - 2 liters water. Since there are no chemicals used, the chemicals' cost is also totally absent which makes it a very eco friendly process of cleaning.

KKE Provides training to your entrepreneurs who wish to start Steam Cleaning Business and would love to partner with them.


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