KKE Wash System Automatic Bike Wash

KKE 102 Automatic two wheeler wash is exclusively compact in size. Automatic wheel stand hold vehicle steady allowing two wheeler for easy parking. The main advantage of Automatic Wheel Stand is, it solves problem of vehicle falling down or other hazards due to slipperiness on wet surfaces.

The trolley moves on the rails by direct inline drive system and gives smooth operation. Nozzles of KKE 102 faces the surface of the two wheeler resulting maximum impact on the removing dirt from it. Also they have flexibility in motion, which make sure proper cleaning of vehicle.

Automatic two wheeler wash have advance Soap system i.e. it have two stage soap spray process Low pH and High pH.   

KKE gives option of selecting different programs which can reduce water usage and increase washing productivity.

KKE also provides attractive washing see through cubicles, inbuilt waxing system and Drying system.

All the parts of KKE102 Automatic Two wheeler Wash are made of stainless steel and have galvanized structure.


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