Cleaning Equipment for Steel Plants in

Steel Plant is a dusty environment and a very high performance area. Considering that taking maintenance shut downs very difficult in the online and continuous process of furnaces, equipment and areas need to be cleaned while everything in the operation by bringing down small equipment offline for maintenance.

KKE has an experience in the the cleaning industry since the year 1993 which makes it almost 23 long years. KKE has done it all in the cleaning industry, High Pressure Cleaners, Tire Wash Systems, Truck Wash Systems, Heat Exchanger Cleaners, Kerosene Rigs, Parts cleaner, Rail Washing, Tank Cleaning.

All these applications are have applications in the steel industry. Vehicle cleaning near Cold Rolling Mills, Hot Rolling Mills, Blast Furnace, Conveyor Bucket Cleaning, Coke Storage, Limestone Storage, Iron Ore.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for your cleaning requirement in your Steel Plant.


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