Tire Wash System

Tire Wash System is one of the first pollution control method when it comes to dust control in various industrial and mining sectors.  Tire Wash System is of primarily 3 types

  1. Sump type Tyre Wash System : In such tire wash systems, the water flows from one tank to the another over a weir. The water passes through a sump, through which the trucks pass cleaning the tyres / wheels. This  system is effective only till the sump does not accumulate dirt. Cleaning such tire wash system is also tedious.

  2. Low Pressure Tyre Wash System : Such tire wash system, the water is sprayed on the tyres and wheels at very low pressure. The volume of water is high which cleans the truck wheels.

  3. High Pressure Tyre Wash System : Applications which involve sticky dirt and where the Underchassis also needs to be cleaned along with the wheels, specially mines, where the dirt from the tires goes and sticks to the chassis of the truck, high pressure tire wash system is required.

KKE are experts in Tire Wash System since last 20+ years. We can customise tire wash system as per your requirement.

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