Truck Wheel Wash

Truck Wheel Wash systems from KKE are very effective and rugged.

KKE was  founded in 1993, KKE has engineered and manufactured durable, reliable, high performance truck cleaning systems and wheel-wash for almost last 20 years and installed several systems all over the world.

KKE also supplied various dust control systems for mines and various other industrial applications. Wheel Wash being one of them which stops the dirt to spread in a large area. Wheel Wash becomes a means of primary control where the dust from the wheels of the trucks is removed at the source itself.

At construction sites or mines, if the wheel wash equipment is not installed, the dust is carried by the treads of the tires. This dust / mud gets dried after some distance and falls on the road. When the more number of vehicles pass, such, mud dries up and gets converted into dust which is then picked up by wind causing air pollution.

Wheel wash systems are made mandatory by law in many countries. KKE offers both portable wheel wash systems and permanent wheel wash machines.

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