Under Chassis Wash System for car wash KKE wash systems

KKE Wash Systems has expertise in supplying under chassis wash systems for:
- Cars
- Buses
- Truck Fleets
- Mining vehicles and equipment

The under chassis wash equipment is designed as per the requirement especially for mining haul trucks, mining equipment, loaders, excavators etc.

The main factors for designing under chassis cleaning equipment are the size of the vehicle, height of the chassis, Level of dirtiness, type of ore or substrate etc. Once this data is received, KKE team swings into action to for pump sizing, number of nozzles,  angles of the nozzles etc.

For under chassis cleaning of standard cars and buses, KKE has standard models available for quick delivery.

For cars KKE has two types
- Entry point under chassis under body cleaner
- Swivelling under chassis under body cleaner


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