Wheel Wash Systems

Wheel Wash Systems

Wheel Wash Systems are primarily used to remove solid material sticking to the treads of the tires of the vehicles in the polluted area / dirty area.The wheels of the vehicles are cleaned before exiting or entering specific areas.

Mines , Construction Areas, Mineral processing Industry requires the wheels of the trucks to me cleaned before they exit on the roads. if the wheels are not washed, the dirt is carried to the roads causing tracking. When large number of such trucks pass through the same route, it causes air pollution when the dirt dries off and also posses a risk of accidents due to skidding. Due to these factors, many countries have made wheel wash systems mandatory for the mentioned industries.

Food and Beverage industries require the wheels of the trucks clean before they enter into the premises.

Generally, wheel wash systems operate at low pressure and high volume principle, however, for some applications, high pressure systems are required to effectively cleans big lumps of the mud sticking to the wheels of the vehicles.

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