Zero Degree or V Nozzles for Truck Wash Equipment

Zero Degree or V Nozzles which is better is normal question being asked on so many vehicle forums on the internet.

Here is the theory of washing.

Water has cleaning force only till the extent it is in a stream form. The moment it gets converted into droplets, all it will do is to wet the surface. Most people go for high pressure cleaners just by seeing the pressure. The discharge is equally important. If the pressure is high and the volume is less, the water would turn into droplets as soon as it comes out of the nozzle.

The same is true for the Zero Degree and The Vee Jet Nozzles. When high pressure technology in Automatic Vehicle Wash Systems was becoming popular, most manufacturers put Vee Jet nozzles to cover more area. Since High pressure systems consume more water, manufacturers reduced discharge and further increased the water pressure. This had a bad effect on the cleaning value.

The new technology is to use medium pressure water with ample amount of water. Be it V Jet or Zero degree, there should be enough water discharge per nozzle so that the water hits the cleaning surface without disintegrating into fine droplets.

Hope we were able to clear the doubts about the nozzles and the cleaning technology in Truck Wash Systems.

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