KKE Truck Wash System Machine

KKE manufactures Arch type truck wash system. Based on the way of cleaning vehicle washing technologies can bifurcated in various types as follows:

·                     Brush type/  Friction

·                     High pressure/ Touchles

·                     Drive thru combination of brush and tochless

Brush type truck washing terminology used for better cleaning where vehicle have hard dirt sticking on and minimum use of chemical.

High pressure type washing terminology used for vehicle which have dust kind of dirt.

Whereas a combination of both high pressure and brush type gives excellent cleaning. Here customer have choice to choose with what they want to wash their vehicle.

Again the equipment differ based on the way vehicle is moved / positioned in vehicle wash machine.

·                     Trolley based

·                     Drive through

In trolley based vehicle is stationary and the equipment moves forward and backward on rails. In drive through car or vehicle is driven by driver slowly thru the equipment and equipment is stationary.


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