Automated Truck Wash Systems

Truck being clean is one of the most important aspect of good brand image for any fleet company. Either the organisation may install one Automated Truck Wash System for themselves or outsource this cleaning to some other Automated Truck Wash System.

KKE has the complete range of Automated Truck Wash Systems. The Truck wash systems can be bifurcation mainly on the basis of the washing technology :

1. Drive Through System : If the requirement of washing is more than 6 -7 buses / trucks per hour. (KKE501)

2. Trolley System : In these systems, the bus/truck is parked in the bay and the trolley moves and cleans the bus/truck. (KKE503,504)

With regards to washing technology, we have high pressure trucks wash systems ( KKE 503, 501) suited if the trucks have irregular shapes and Brush system (KKE 504, 501) of the trucks have smooth shapes like containers.

KKE also has expertise to modify Automated Truck wash systems to suit your requirement. Please feel free to contact us using the link below.


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