Automatic Bike wash Equipment

Automatic Bike wash was first developed by KKE in 1998 and market has been growing. Two wheeler / Bike segment is showing multiple fold increase. People now buy Bikes not just for commutingor means of transport but for interest and recreation purposes also. People now care much more for their two wheelers than ever before.
KKE has two Automatic Bike Wash Systems

  1. KKE 102 Entry level Automatic Bike washing machine
  2. KKE 103 High end Automatic Bike Wash Machine


The Bike wash machines have options of :

  1. Engine Degreaser Spraying
  2. Under Carriage Wash
  3. Soap Spray
  4. Foam Spray
  5. Wax Spray
  6. Wheel Blasters
  7. Triple Foam Wax Spray


The chemicals used in Automatic Bike wash Equipment are bio degradable and eco friendly. The bike washing take approximately 2 -5 minutes depending upon the wash program cycle of the Automatic Bike wash equipment selected. The Automatic Bike Wash Systems are made of Galvanised sheets which treated and painted for extra rust protection from the humid wash environment.


Automatic Bike Wash Equipment can be accompanied with additional services like

  1. Paint Correction
  2. Water spots removal
  3. Head Light restoration
  4. Tire Polishing
  5. Nano Polymer Sealant application ( A.k.a. Teflon)



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