Automatic Bike Wash System / Automatic Two Wheeler Wash Equipment

Automatic Bike Wash System was considered a business which is not viable, but however, over a period of time, the two wheeler bike population has gone up , and now not just the people who can�t afford cars use bike, but also people who like biking as a hobby. People are really passionate about their bikes / two wheelers and want them clean always.

Unlike Automatic Car Wash Equipment, Automatic bike wash business works on volume as normally a bike owner shall not pay as much as a car wash customer would pay for the car. This does not affect profitability as the amount spent per bike is also lesser than the cost of washing a car.
KKE Offers following types of Bike Two Wheeler wash equipment :

  1. Manual High Pressure Bike Car Washer
  2. KKE 102 - Entry level Automatic Bike Wash System
  3. KKE 103 - High End Automatic Bike Wash Equipment


Manual Pressure Bike Washer

Manual High Pressure Washer
Manual Bike washer is a high pressure pump which is used with or without hot water. The pump effectively cleans the vehicle however the through put of the bike washing largely depends upon the efficiency of the workers.


KKE 102 � Entry Level Automatic Bike Wash System Two wheeler wash system

Automatic Bike Wash System Equipment
KKE 102 is an entry level bike wash system. It is an automatic two wheeler wash equipment, however, it contains basic Soap Spray, Under Chassis Wash , High Pressure wash and waxing. �This is suited for small towns where numbers would be lesser and the operator wants to invest in automatic two wheeler wash system , less initially.


KKE 103 � High End Automatic Bike Wash System
KKE 103 is an high end Automatic Bike Wash System, Automatic Two wheeler wash equipment which contains various cycles like :� Prewash, Engine Degreaser Spray, High Pressure Oscillating Spray, Wheel Blasters, Triple Foam Wax, Sealer wax, under Carriage wash, etc. The chemicals are directly dosed into the water adding to operator convenience. This is best suited for busy areas where customers appreciate quality and way the vehicles are washed. This may said as the best buy for Metros and bigger �cities.

Automatic Bike wash equipment business is an emerging business in India, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Nigeria, Keyna, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries where two wheelers are popular.

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