Automatic Truck Wash Equipment

KKE Wash Systems is one of the most superior manufacturers of truck wash systems in world. Machines are designed with the best German technology and with variety of models to suit the requirement of the Client.

KKE Wash proceeds with a motto to provide the best solution to our clients in the mining sectors, transports, logistic, cement plants, steel plants and many more industries with its high-pressure truck wash system, 3 brush truck wash system, 2 brush truck wash system and tire wash systems for all commercial and mining vehicles. With the perfect engineered blend of LPM and pressure with accurate angle precession to remove mud and grease from all the parts, KKE wash system provides the best cleaning result.

KKE also contributes to nature by being a green industry also it promotes and provides solution to other industries by promoting water recycling systems to recycle the used water maximum number of times. Also the chemicals/ detergents used to clean the truck are ensured to be biodegradable. KKE always discourages usage of harmful chemicals and solutions which causes harm to the nature.

The Truck wash system Models are as below :
1.KKE 503 high pressure
2. KKE 504 3 brush system
3. KKE 403 2/3 brush system
4. KKE 501 Drive trough high pressure system
Customization is also available for non-standard systems.Standard Equipment Specs

Silent Features:

  • Floor Mounted Trolley
  • Energy Chain System
  • Structure Body painted with High Gloss Automotive Paint
  • Anti Tilt and Anti Derailing Mechanism
  • Space Saving Trolley Design
  • Semi-Assembled System for quick installation
  • Trolley Speed of 10 - 15 m/min
  • PLC Controlled Automatic System
  • Very sensitive Control system for safety of the vehicle
  • VFD Controlled Drive, Horizontal Nozzles
  • High Penetration IP67 Sensors
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Onboard Control Panel
  • Automatic / Manual Model
  • Contour Following Top Nozzles
  • Stainless Steel Nozzles
  • Stainless Steel Piping
  • Soap System
  • Chemical Dosing Pumps (Supports most chemicals)
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy to Understand and Maintain
  • Standard parts and components used (available anywhere in the world)

Technical requirement :

  • 415 V AC 50 Hz
  • Can also run on Backup Generator System
  • Connected Load: Differs based on Optional Addons selected


  • 60 - 360 ltrs per minute
  • Break tank of 5000 liters recommended


  • 45 - 100 Liter capacity Compressor is recommended



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