Tools for Bus Cleaning - Part 2

This is in the continuation of the Tools of cleaning buses article Part 1. The previous article dealt with cleaning of the buses from outside, however in this we deal with the cleaning the bus internally.
Bus interiors can vary depending upon the purpose for which the bus is used. The bus interiors can be of two types :

  1. Plastic Seats ( Mostly public transport)
  2. Upholstery ( Long distance buses )


High Pressure Washer :

High Pressure Washer, Car Washer, Bus Washer , Hot and Cold Cleaner

Most public transport buses which have only plastic seats can be washed using high pressure washer when very dirty. When not so dirty, a vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dust of the seats and flooring. However, buses being public transport, buses need to be sanitised regularly and first step to sanitisation is through cleaning of the bus. High Pressure washer is one of the ways to clean the bus. Hot water from the hot and cold high pressure washer is also good at quick removal of dirt.


Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaner Dampfreiniger

Steam cleaning can also be used however it takes more time than high pressure cleaning. High Pressure cleaner may clean 80% and still it seems that the bus is clean , however, when you use steam, steam cleans almost 99% which means that whichever parts were not cleaned / left out look awfully dirty.  So when using Steam, you need to clean the whole bus thoroughly. Steam can easily remove dirt from plastic parts, greasy door handles, bars and suspended handles.


Bus Upholstery Cleaning
As for any upholstery , the first step in cleaning is dry vacuum which removes dry dust easily further proceeding with areas which need special attention like coffee spill, bubble gum. You should spray an organic cleaner like KKE All Purpose Cleaner which loosens the dirt. Now you can use steam and inbuilt Vacuum cleaner of the Steam Cleaner to quickly remove the dirt from the upholstery. Always remember that only steam cannot clean. Steam can only loosen the dirt. It is vacuuming which removes the dirt. People even use micro fibre towel to clean after steam however microfiber is only effective for smaller areas. As for bus, vacuuming is the best way to clean the upholstery rather than a micro fibre towel.



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