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Bus washing machines are of following type :

1 KKE 402 3B : Automatic 3 Brush Bus Wash Machines
KKE 402 3B is fully automatic bus wash system suited for the latest modern buses. The bus wash machines comes with an extended mirror program which washes the buses with such mirrors effectively.

2. KKE 403 : Automatic Bus Wash Machines (Entry Level)
403 is an entry level Bus Wash Machines. the basic machines comes with two vertical brushes only and the Roof brush is an optional addon. The vertical brushes are higned on the sides and the pressure of the brush on the vehicle is sensed

3.  KKE 402 HP : Automatic High Pressure Bus Wash Machines
The Bus Wash Machines KKE 402 HP is fully automatic and operated by one operator. The Bus is driven in position and remains stationary and trolley mounted on fixed rail moves over the Bus and executes all operations.

4.  Bus Washing Machines Nutzfahrzeugwaschanlag...
Trolley / Gantry Bus washing machines Drive through Bus washing machines. Based on the washing technology the Bus washingmachines are of following types : High pressure Bus washing machines

5. KKE Wash Systems : Automatic Bus Wash Machines
Automatic Bus Wash Systems to suit your fleet from 5 - 60 Buses per hour. High Pressure and 3 Brush Type, both. Drive throug hand Inbay Automatic both available.

The Automatic Bus washing machines are suitable as they can Washing large of buses in very less time compared to the manual washing. Manual washing of buses is time consuming as the height of the buses is more and it requires a platform which has to be moved around the bus to clean it.

KKE manufactures Bus washing machines and is supplying and can supply to various parts of the world like Africa, Europe, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Niger, Namibia, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore etc.


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