Bus Washing Machines / Automatic Bus Wash Equipment / Nutzfahrzeugwaschanlagen

Bus washing machines are of various types based on the technology , type of buses and the number of buses to be washed each hour. In Germany, mostly the buses and trucks are washed in same bus washing equipment . It is also called “Nutzfahrzeugwaschanlagen”


Bus Washing machines can be of two types based on the contruction :


  1. Trolley / Gantry Bus washing machines

  2. Drive through bus washing machines.


Based on the washing technology  the bus washing machines are of following types :


  1. High pressure bus washing machines

  2. Brush bus washing machines

  3. Manual High Pressure Bus washing equipment



KKE Wash Systems provides following bus washing equipment. All the equipment/ bus washing machines are well established and are beinig used world over, Germany, Qatar, India, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong etc.




KKE 403 : Economy Bus washing machine


KKE 402 HP : High Pressure bus washing equipment

KKE 402 3B : Brush bus washing equipment

KKE 501 : Drive through bus washing machine

KKE Power : High Pressure manual bus washer

KKE Steam : Interior cleaner for bus washing


KKE can also develop specific bus washing machine equipment to suit a particular type of Bus fleet. Bus washing machines are rugged in built and KKE bus washing machines are built to perform. They may be a bit high than competition but we at KKE do not cut corners. KKE bus washing equipment supplied in 1996 is still working which is a testimony to the fact that bus washing machines of KKE are built of rugged usage and last longer than an of the competition bus washing machines equipment.




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