Car Wash Equipment Foam like Shaving Foam : Snow Foam

Generally the Automatic Carwash equipment used Soap foam Spray by using air and water for washing the vehicle.

KKE Wash systems introduces new technology in Automatic carwash equipment to break the dirt and heavy muddy spot from the vehicle with a system called as “Snow Foam”.

Snow Foam is eco-friendly, as the chemical used for generation of the Foam is totally BIO-DEGRADABLE. It is easily recycled from the water and not dangerous for the Environment.
The dilution ratio of the soap in Snow Foam is 1:600/vehicle which is significantly  lesser than normal soap dispensing systems  used by current car wash equipment for vehicle cleaning.

Snow foam is more effective as the foam sticks to teh car and gets more time to react with dirt and mud. This easily soaks the mud and lifts it before carwash brush wash. Snow foam also helps to prevent swirl marks on the vehicle and smooth working of bristle on the surface of vehicle.

Snow foam also more helpful to easy wax spreading on vehicle and drying.



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