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Car Wash Machine Price in Global depends upon the type of the car wash equipment. KKE Wash Systems Global has the following types of car wash equipment :

  1. Trolley Type
  2. Overhead Gantry Type
  3. Conveyor Type
  4. Fleet Wash Type

Based on the above configurations, KKE Wash Systems Global has options in Brush Technology, High Pressure Technology or Combination of both Brush and High Pressure Wash Technology.

In Car Wash Machine Trolley or Gantry type equipment, the car is stationary while the equipment passes over vehicle performing various operations. These types of car wash systems have a capacity of 800 - 2000 car washes per month based on the model selected by you. The price of such car wash quipment is lesser.

In Conveyor type equipment, however, the number of cars to be washed is determined by the speed of the conveyor. When the speed of the conveyor is increased you need to add arches to make washing effective. Conveyor type car wash systems can wash from 20 -120 cars per hour depending upon the speed of the conveyor. Conveyor car wash machine price is higher than the Trolley Systems.

Selection of car wash equipment depends upon various factors. At some places, even though you'll have money to buy the best of the machines, there would not be enough business to make it viable. Selection of the right car wash equipment is important and the decision should not be purely dependent on the car wash machine price in Global.




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(within the 6 months) Carrer said:
Any price / installation / maintenance costs for Metro Manila Area, to get an idea?

(within the 7 months) Ravi said:
how much the total cost..including installation for your equipment.

(within the 6 months) KKE Customer Care said:

Thank you for contacting us. We have sent an email to you.

(within the 8 months) Umair said:
Can you give me the price of equipment including installation charges?

(within the 8 months) MOHAMMED SHERAZ said:
can you give me price with installation in bahawalpur city

(within the 7 months) KKE Customer Care said:

Thank you for your Message. Our customer support team shall get back you.

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