Steam Cleaner for Car Cleaning

Steam cleaning can be considered as one of the most eco-friendly ways of cleaning a car. KKE Steam cleaner uses very little water to clean a car however it has to be used very carefully so as not to damage the car paint or parts of the car.

KKE Steam cleaners are Eco friendly car wash machine can be used for cleaning :

  1. Car interior
  2. Car Exterior
  3. Engine compartment
  4. Tyres / Tires, Brake Dust


Eco Friendly Steam Cleaner for Car Cleaning

Eco-friendly Car Wash KKE Steam cleaner uses steam's high temperature and pressure to clean the dirt off the car surface. The steam sanitizes your car and helps in removing the bad smell from the car. The steam cleaner DR100 Series can be integrated with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dirt away. DR100 Steam cleaners make it very easy to clean the upholstery of the car without wetting the seats. The vacuum helps remove any condensed steam from the seat.

Eco-Friendly Car Wash KKE Steam cleaner can be used to clean the exterior of the car. The best part is that there is no drying required to be done. The steam can be used to accelerate the removal of hard stains and in some cases light watermarks also. The windshield cleaning is very well done by Eco-friendly car wash steam cleaner. Correct use of microfibre is very important as incorrect use of microfibre towel can damage your car paint finish and also scratch the car.

These days, new-age cars must not be pressure washed using high-pressure water as there are a lot of electronics involved in the engine compartment. Eco-friendly steam car wash is one of the best ways to clean the engine area. Since the steam is hot, the grease easily comes off from the surfaces.

Tires which have accumulated a lot of dust and grime can be easily cleaned rather than using harsh chemicals which might not be biodegradable. The steam easily removes the road dust which adheres to the tires. The steam can also reach the brake area which removes the dust from the brakes and is very effective.

Steam Cleaning is one of the ways of eco-friendly car washing however eco-friendly chemicals can also be used to obtain similar results. Using a combination is however the best and most commercially viable.


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