automatic water recycling system for wash systems to reduce water wastage.

Everyone is aware about the fact of water scarcity in world, it is necessary to accept some water saving strategies. A car wash needs large quantity of water to clean the vehicle which can lead to wastage of water. But with KKE Water recycling system, water can be saved upto 90 to 95%. Here filtration method is used that include following steps:

  1. Sludge Sedimentation

  2. Oil Removal

  3. Multimedia Filtration

  4. Activated Carbon Filter

Sludge sedimentation removes dirt and other small particles from water. The Oil floating on water is also removed. After sludge and oil removal water is passed through a multimedia filter, Multimedia filter consists of

  1. Charcoal , Anthracite

  2. Sand

  3. Different size of gravel

Multimedia filter is used to reduce the amount of Total Suspended Solids in the water.A simple sand filter can be expected to eliminate particles down to 25-50 microns in size, as compared to a multi media filter that can remove particles down to 10-25 microns. Activated carbon filters are generally employed in the process of removing organic compounds and/or extracting free chlorine from water.

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