Construction Tire Wash Equipment

KKE Wash Systems provides the best Construction Tire Wash Equipment which is portable and can be shifted from one construction site to the another. Tire wash systems these days are becoming mandatory due to the laws enforced by the local government bodies.

The dirt which adheres to the tyres of the trucks which enter the construction site pollutes the whole city. The roads gets soiled due to wet dirt / cement etc . The wet dirt from the construction site after some dries up and then causes

  1. Air pollution and
  2. Choking of drains .

Using of Tire Wash Equipment at construction sites prevents such hazards and problems. The high pressure jets enter the treads of the tyres of the construction vehicles and remove the dirt which might cause pollution on the roads. The system can be customized to match the tyre wash system to your fleet size and shape.

The equipment is made of steel which Hot dip Galvanised to enhance the life of the construction tire wash equipment. The water from the construction tire wash equipment can be reused several times . The system has a scrapper system which removes the dirt accumulated at the bottom of the tank. The scrapped sludge can be disposed off as per the city regulations.

KKE construction portable tyre wash systems equipment give a good return on investment and performs for years. The equipment is minimalistic in design and requires very less maintenance.

KKE also has Permanent Wheel Washing Systems which can be installed within a concrete base. This is for locations like Plants and Factories which are more or less permanent in nature.



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