Germany Truck Washer

KKE Truck Washer equipment use specialised German Sensors for controlling the brushes and its pressure on the trucks. The equipment are very rugged and yet very sensitive to the Vehicle Profile.

KKE Truck Washers have following options :
1. KKE 403
2. KKE 503
3. KKE 504

KKE 403 Bus / Truck Washer : This truck washer equipment has hinged brushes and the brushes clean the sides of the vehicle. This is type is suited for buses and trucks with plain sides.

KKE 503 Truck Washer is a High pressure truck wash equipment suited for trucks with irregular sides like garbage trucks, Tankers etc.

KKE 504 Truck Washer is a Brush system where the vertical brushes clean the front, rear and sides along with center over lap.

All the above KKE systems have mirror avoidance system.



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