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Jet washer is high pressure spray equipment used to remove heavy mud, dust, dirt from drainage surfaces, buildings and

vehicles etc.

Jet washer is generally arranged with plunger pumps with several mechanical and electrical arrangements. Pressure of the

Jet washer can be measured in PSI or bar and Volume of the jet washer measured in the LPM.

Jet washer consist of

1. Plunger pump

2. Motor

3. Electrical switchgear

4. Hydraulic Hose

5. Pneumatic valve

6. Unloader

7. Trigger gun with different types of Nozzles

There are two types of Jet Washer

A. Cold Water Jet Washer

B. Hot Water Jet Washer

Cold water jet washer is simple type of high pressure spray equipment with cold water whereas Hot Water Jet washer

consist extra diesel or petrol combustion unit to heat the water.

Jet washer available with different types of nozzles pattern for different application i..e. It may be Straight, triangular and

multiple degree of variations suits to remove mud and dirt.

Jet washer can be used to spray chemical with good foam generation for Soap or shampoo. Due to higher velocity of the

water discharge it effectively works to generate soap foam.



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