Oil Sludge Separator

Oil Sludge Separator is one of the important components of a water recycling equipment. The primary function of an Oil Sludge separator is to separate the oil and sludge out of the drain water which is collected outside the car wash equipment or truck wash equipment bay. When the water splashes on the vehicle, the grease and oil from the chassis, bearings and engine falls in the water. Such water if directly taken to the recycling system can damage the media of the sand filter which is usually the first station of any water recycling system.

The Oil Sludge separation can be done with :

  1. Concrete tanks
  2. KKE W100 Skid 1


Concrete Oil Sludge Separator
Concrete tanks can be casted in a way that the water does not carry the oil and sludge with it to the next tank from where the water is pumped from Sand filter. Though this looks to be cost effective , but turns out to be much expensive as it requires huge tanks to be constructed underground to allow the sediments to settle under laminar flow and then the oil to be separated.  Oil skimmers are then used to skim the oil from the tank which floats on the top.


KKE Oil Sludge Separator

Oil Sludge Separator

KKE Oil Sludge separator is Skid mounted equipment and is above ground oil sludge separator. A submersible pump , pumps out the water from the drain tank right when it is turbulent. The water enters the Separation chamber and due to the difference in specific gravity of Sludge, Water and Oil, they separate when the water flows through the chamber. The oil floats to the top and it transfers to the oils collection chamber. The sludge settles to the bottom and can be removed periodically by opening the valve at the bottom.

This system is much easier to work with as it does not require regular maintenance of tanks and also requires much lesser civil construction.

The water and sludge enters the separator and then passes through the PVC frills. The oil droplets rise to the top whereas the dirt particles come down due to the weight. The smooth media surface helps in adhering the droplets to each and increasing the size of droplets. Oil particle rise to the top surface and solids settle down at the bottom.

The water after W100-1 can be used for undercarriage washing directly.



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