Portable Truck Wheel Washing System in

KKE specialises in Portable Truck Wheel Washing System. The equipment can shifted from one site to another in very less time. The portable truck wheel washing system does not require much civil construction and is easy to relocate.

KKE TW133, TW144, TW155 are all portable wheel wash equipment by design, while KKE TW166 series can be easily converted in portable tire wash system easily.

The equipment consists of steel water holding tank which houses the scrapper conveyor. The muddy water which goes into the tank settles down and the scrapper conveyor removes the settles dirt and grit from the water.

KKE also provides hydro cyclone to remove grit, sand and bigger mud particles as an optional addon in the portable systems.

KKE wheel wash equipment can be as portable as you want it to be. The equipment can run on Diesel Power Generator as well. The system gives a pulse to the Generator on arrival of the vehicle. The generator switches on and the pump starts. when the vehicle leaves, the Generator switches off.


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