Portal Car Wash Machine Supplier in

KKE is one of the leading Portal Car Wash Machine Supplier in Global. The Portal Car Wash Equipment are of three types

  • Friction - Portal Car Wash
  • Touchless - Portal Car Wash
  • Combination - Portal Car Wash

Friction Type Portal Car Wash would be typically having three Brushes. Two Vertical  and One Horizontal Brush. Additional two Wheel brushes are also present to wash the wheels. The wheels of the car are sensed automatically. The bristles are either made of Polyethylene or Foam.

Touchless Type Portal Car Wash uses high pressure technology to wash the cars. This technology relies on the two step soap spray and high pressure jets to clean the car.

Combination Type Portal car wash uses both Friction as well as Touchless technologies. The customers can select any one of the two or both. Combination types car wash equipment tend make more revenues as customers for any preference can come this car wash business.



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