Robotic Car Wash Machine Equipment

Due to multiple requests to KKE by its client to develop a solution for smaller places, KKE restarted the production of the equipment which was initially designed in the year 2005. The same robotic car wash machine has now been redesigned with additional modern features.
The new ArrowClean robotic car wash is very attractive to look at and the robotic car wash looks much fuller than the earlier robotic car wash predecessor.
The current robotic car wash equipment features onboard control panel making the operation very easy. The basic cycles as it were in the 2005 robotic model remain as

  • Prewash
  • Soap
  • Hand wash with special foam
  • Rinse
  • Wipe

The robotic car wash is made of Galvanised Sheets which is further painted for attractive looks of robotic car wash system. This robotic car wash improves the washing time for manual car washing stations as it quickly performs the above task. Since this robotic car wash is a small equipment it can fit in  even in small shops of 10 feet.
KKE believes in keeping the robotic car wash machine as simple as possible as the users operating these robotic car wash at some places might even not be able to ready. Hence KKE’s robotic car wash is designed to keep the operation and maintenance very simple. It does not have complicated overhead gantry system which requires frequent maintenance.
The robotic car wash  comes assembled from the factory and the robotic car wash has to be placed on the rails which are mounted by KKE installation team during installation. The pumps of the robotic car wash mounted , connected and the robotic car wash can be started with 1 day of our team reaching the robotic car wash site.



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