Shower Inspection Standard for Cars

Shower inspection is the last step of car inspection in a Car manufacturing plant. Mostly it is in the PDI (Pre Despatch Inspection) department in the end of the car assembly. The main aspects to be checked are checking of the car interiors when cars are subjected to water at low - medium pressure to resemble actual heavy rain situation.

Each manufacturer has different specifications of testing the cars which such pressurised water. Mostly the water pressure ranges from 1.5 bar to 3 bar. Though the water pressure is low, the water quantity is very high which makes conditions very similar to heavy rain conditions. The nozzles are directed from various angles based on the vehicle shape and size. 

There are two types of Shower Inspection chambers based on the volume of vehicles to be checked each hour :

  1. Conveyorised
  2. Fixed


Conveyorised shower inspection
Conveyorised shower inspection booth / system is a system where the vehicles are on the conveyor and the vehicles pass through the shower testing area. This is mostly suited for small vehicles like cars/SUVs and MUVs

Fixed  shower inspection Chamber
This kind of Shower Inspection Booth / System is used for larger vehicles are places where the number of vehicles to be checked is very low. The vehicle is parked in the shower testing area and the system is switched on for a stipulated period of time depending upon the manufacturer’s requirement.



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