Sludge Separator , Sludge Remover , Oil Skimmer

Sludge separators are necessary in a vehicle washing bay / car wash equipment bay / bus wash equipment bay for removal to sludge and form an important part in Water Recycling System. Sludge separators perform multiple functions :

1. Sludge removal
2. Reduce the load on further recycling process
3. Oil Removal ( KKE Skid 1 - Oil Sludge separator )


Sludge separators can be classified in the following categories on the basis of technology used in the vehicle washing equipment scenario.

  1. Equipment based Sludge separators
  2. Concrete based sludge separators


Equipment Based Sludge Separators

Oil Sludge Separator water recycling system

These are equipment which act as sludge separators and are mostly above the ground. Such equipment is made of steel and mostly galvanised sheets for long life.


Concrete Based Sludge Separators
This is basically an arrangement of the concrete which helps in trapping the sludge from going on to the next filtration stage.



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