KKE Foam wax

Tri-foam is basically  three colour shampoo coming out of three different nozzles mixed  together to form a tri colour foam. These colours can be any as green, red, blue, yellow, saffron,etc. Tri-foam shampoo work as soap while cleaning the vehicle and also gives shine to vehicle. Surfactants is similar to other soap products whereas tri-foam also acts as wax. It gives a polish coating to surface and protects vehicle surface sheet from rust and dust.

KKE manufactures tri- foam wax of best quality and gives effective cleaning. KKE tri-foam is of red, yellow and blue in colour. When it falls on surface of vehicle it looks very colorful and attractive enough to amuze customers. KKE also provides 4 nozzles foam by adding ph neutral car wash shampoo which creates simple white foam.


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