KKE wash system

KKE provides truck tire wash equipment having high pressure water output up to 2bar that can wash 30 vehicles per hour. Tire wash equipment is made of stainless steel sheets and hot dip galvanized structure. Tire wash is rugged portable designed to run unattended without any human intervention. The equipment consists of:  

  • Wash track
  • Wash tank with scraper conveyor
  • Control system
  • Pump and spray system
  • Oil skimmer
  • Coagulant dosing

Tire wash equipment loosen the dirt on tire of vehicle which fall on transit and cleans the vehicle’s tire. There are two types of wheel washing systems: trolley based and drive-through systems.

In trolley based vehicle is stationary and equipment moves to and fro from the vehicle. Here tire wash system is mounted on the equipment and moves with equipment   only.  In drive through type equipment is stationary and vehicle is driven by driver from the machine at dead slow speed.

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