Tyre Wash System

Air pollution is one of the major types of pollution in the world today. Vehicles contribute a major portion of it. Though major part is because of the running of internal combustion engines but in mining areas it more because of the soiled vehicle tyres. World over pollution laws are becoming stricter and stricter. Vehicles moving out of construction areas, mines, loading and unloading areas need to be cleaned. The tyres carry the dirt on the road which causes below 10 ppm dust in the atmosphere.  Tyre wash systems come to rescue in such places which remove the loose dirt adhered to the vehicle tyres. KKE is one of the leading suppliers of tyre wash systems.

The tyre wash systems need to be designed or selected based on the type of dirt handled by vehicles. Combination of high pressure and high impact is used to wash the tyres of the vehicles.

The objective of tyre cleaning systems or under chassis wash systems is simple with respect to the pollution norms. Any dirt which might fall on the road later should fall now. The vehicle passes through the tyre wash system. The equipment switches on automatically and sprays water from all the sides.

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