Automatic Car Wash The Ultimate Solution For Auto Mobile Dealers

Monday, 14th December 2009

This millennium has brought a drastic change with Indian Automobile Industry, especially thanking the Globalization and Liberalization policy by our then Finance Minister. This bold step united all the foreign brands to enter the Indian Industry. Which was again a goldmine as it was ever?

The entry of all the foreign brands further changed the scenario at the dealerships infrastructure and facilities and the conventional sales office and manual workshops changed to a specious showroom with polished front office staff multi facilitated gadgets in the workshop with advanced technology. A one stop shop solutions under one roof as all sensor under one roof. Along with this change the economy also changed the buying capacity of the Indian buyer and changed their luxury into necessity and necessity into needs. This scenario increased the population of cars on Indian roads leading to a choke-a-block at the dealership workshops where cars are serviced and washed and delivered to the customers. Since the manual washing methods had not changed at the dealerships, now upon may call it as an Indian Maid set as a neglected area of concern the washing efficiency of the markers could not cope up with the need of the day and resulted  in the back log or unsatisfactory results leading to customer dissatisfaction and a major concern for car manufacturers to adapt the J. D. Power analysis for service which measured the quality and efficiency of the dealership to deliver a car came for service. The J. D. Power method actually showed the actual lend of CSR of any dealership and it was then recognized that the ultimate customer delight was gained in the physical appearance of the car for the concern man a part from the mechanical fitness. It was then realized that there should be an efficiency gained to deliver a minimum of 100 to 150 cars every day. This could be done by having multiple washing bays to the tune of 5 to 6 bays with the required no of manpower and not to forget the consumption of water and electricity. In spite of all above the end result of quality washing was not achieved.

The only solution proved might to put up a automated car washed systems with a capacity of washing 50 cars a day or even 500 cars a day. The choice was wide and that to with and dependency on the international brand and technology.

Internationally proven KKE Bring upon a range of Automatic Car Wash Systems with a wide range from 50 cars day to 800 cars a day that too a complete Indigenous and affordable. So what are upon waiting for,….                                

- Aashish Tungare
  (Director Marketing and Operations)

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